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Bilbao, welcome to the Spanish Basque country

Bilbao is located in the north of Spain in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country. It is surrounded by the Pagassari and Artxanda mountains. Bilbao is a port city and was built close to the Atlantic Ocean on the estuary of the Nervion river.

About Spain

Bilbao presents one the most famous museums in the world : the Guggenheim museum. It houses collections of modern and contemporary art. Its architecture designed by Franck Gehry made this building a model and improved the visibility of the city of Bilbao all over the world.

Bilbao also offers older buildings to the visitors’ eyes, such as the Saint Jame’s cathedral whose contruction started probably before 1300. For your evenings, Bilbao offers a large choice of restaurants and bars that will make your nights there unforgettable!

And do not leave Bilbao without going to the 10,000 m² Ribera covered market, considered as one of the biggest in Europe!

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Can you get a train from bilbao to athens there will be two of us, only need one way on 16 June 2015

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Bilbao to monforte de lemos Hi Do the trains run daily from Bilbao to Monforte de Lemos? If not on which days do they run? Thank you Alice

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Bilbao to paris france Travelling from Bilbao to Paris x 2 Snr on 11 May 2015, most direct and comfortable way please. MT

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