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Brive, the medieval

In the centre of France, come to discover the charming city of Brive. Also called "Brive-la-Gaillarde" because of its fortifications ("galia" meaning "strength" in Latin), Brive was surrounded by an outer wall spiked with towers in the 16th century.

About France

Be astonished by the rich and various historic heritage of Brive: its medieval city centre and extensions dating from the 19th century will surely seduce you.

Don’t hesitate to visit the saint Martin collegiate church and its lovely 12th century capitals, which was listed historical monument in 1862. Explore the Labenche art and history Museum, situated in a splendid Renaissance house, and be amazed by the magnificent English tapestries from the 17th century.

Among the large number of picturesque monuments of Brive, you should see the "tour des Echevins" in Renaissance style, the city hall and its architectural decorations from the 17th century and the fascinating "Maison Treilhard" built from the 13th century .

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Martin N. | 27 de marzu de 2017 answered | 0 Comments
Paris to brive Wish to travel Paris to Brive 10 Sept and return 18 Sept. Myself and partner. Require timetable, train station in Paris, booking procedure and cost. With thanks. Dave

david k. | 27 de xunetu de 2015 answered | 0 Comments
Train from paris to brive-la-gaillarde hi I'm trying to find information on travelling from Paris to Brive-la-Gaillarde but this city is not coming up in the destination list on your website. A Google search always links straight to the raileurope website when looking for this trip (...)

Jane P. | 13 de marzu de 2015 answered | 0 Comments
Ariving in milano then off to levanto then france we arive in milano 17 /9 /2014 train to levanto until22/9 /2014 then to avignon until27 sept then to dijon until 30 sept then to rennes until 5 oct paris for one night then brive until 13oct then back to paris all travel be (...)

chris c. | 20 de mayu de 2014 answered | 0 Comments
What train do i get to go from brive to paris cdg airport What train do I get to go from Brive to Paris CDG Airport

tim b. | 9 de mayu de 2014 answered | 0 Comments

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