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Cahors, a foretaste of the south of France

Cahors is a little city located in southwestern France. It is the main town of the department of Lot et Garonne. Cahors is an unique example of remaining vestiges of the different periods of its history. It is labelled "ville d’art et d’histoire".

About France

Cahors offers the visitors many typical and attractive activities. Over its rich gastronomy, the medieval city of Cahors fills the visitor with the magnificence and the number of ancient monuments.

The most famous is the Valentré Bridge, which is the best preserved fortified bridge in Europe. It has been listed to the UNESCO world cultural heritage. The other UNESCO listed monument in Cahors is the romanesque Saint Etienne’s cathedral. Its amazing architecture with domes was the first example in Europe when it was built during the 11th and 12th centuries.

Cahors also presents many museums such as the Resistance museum , the iron museum or the Henri-Martin museum.

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