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The phoenix of Germany

Dresden, you should not miss it

On the banks of the Elbe, post-war Dresden has been working hard to rebuild its reputation as an architectural and cultural trend-setter. Start off at the painstakingly reconstructed Frauenkirche church before an evening enjoying some of Germany’s finest contemporary and classical arts.

About Germany

In the city of Dresden, you will feast your eyes with the "Zwinger" (between the walls) Palace, one of the most charming example of the late baroque architecture in Europe. If you’re intrigued in jewellery and silversmith’s trade you will find interesting pieces in the" Green Vault" Museum.

On the "Theaterplatz" (Theater’s square), we advise you to discover one of the most famous operas in the world, the Semper Opera, and the Hofkirche, the court’s catholique church, housing splendid artworks.

Follow the bicycle path through pastures and reach the Pillnitz Palace and its lovely Park. Eventually, enjoy wandering on the Brühl Terraces, known as the "Balcony of Europe".

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