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Dunkerque, discover the most northern of French cities!

Dunkerque is a medium-sized town of some 93.000 inhabitants located in the north of France. It especially known for its lively carnival, an important event taking place in and around the city, from the end of january to the beginning of april.

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Strolling around Dunkerque, you may meet one of the giants, coming directly from the legends of the city…

Don’t be afraid and just head the unavoidable St Eloi belfry, an UNESCO listed monument from which you will benefit from a wonderful view onto the city. If you like museums, you will be spoiled for choice. Among them, choose the one of the Fine Arts or the one of traditional toys.

If you are a nature lover, a sport lover, or both, you will enjoy Dunkerque for the numerous activities it provides. Sand yacht and all kind of sports linked to wind and water are waiting for you.

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