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Hamburg, an amazing city you will love!

Hamburg, an amazing city you will love

With its maritime charm, numerous bridges and shopping arcades, Hamburg, the biggest port town of Germany, is just impossible to resist.

About Germany

With an abundance of green areas and countless canals, Hamburg also ranks as one of Germany’s greenest and most attractive cities. The city boasts an incredible number of bridges – more than Venice and Amsterdam together! The city offers a quantity of beautiful shopping arcades, glass-roofed malls and exclusive boutiques.

When in Hamburg make detour to Speicherstadt, a 100-year-old warehouse district located between the Deichtor Halls and Baumwall, where you will find the world’s largest Oriental carpet store amidst the brick warehouses. Directly in the heart of the City, between Speicherstadt and Port, is probably the biggest and most exciting European urban development project: Hafencity (Port City). Here, the iconic Elbphilharmonie, a new concert hall, erected directly on the roof of a huge storehouse already belongs to the architectural highlights.

Train station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Hamburg can be found.

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Ice transfer times I am looking at booking the ice from copenhagen to berlin, it only gives us 15 minutes transfer, how far apart are the platforms and will we be rushing to change trains. We come in to Hamburg on the ice36 and leeave on the ice (...)

Rodney B. | 2016/06/15 answered | 0 Comments
I want to travel from copenhagen and visit linz (austria), stasbourg (france) and lubliana (slovenia Leaving Copenhagen about Aug 29 and stopping off at these places for a few days each. Is this possible?

Grahame S. | 2016/04/21 answered | 0 Comments
We want to travel from paris to copenhagen with a stop off at cologne for two nights. Which is the best way to do this? I understand there is a train to Copenhagen that goes over on a ferry across the Baltic. We would like to do this one. Which train company is it please?

Trevor P. | 2016/01/12 answered | 0 Comments
Is there one train company we can deal with on our trip from paris to copenhagen stopping off at cologne for a couple of (...) We are travelling from Paris to Copenhagen by train. We wish to have a couple of nights stay in Cologne on the way. Is there one train company we would deal with or more? I have heard you can get a train that is put on a ferry to go across the (...)

Trevor P. | 2016/01/12 answered | 0 Comments
Hi . interested in a short tour paris to germany and down into northern itall?question=hi . interested in a short tour paris (...) want to train from paris . we wnat to do mostly germany and into northern italy in 12 days . 2 days in paris . if possible we would visit areas family came from such as WEinstadt-Endesbachnear Stuuttgart , Schlewsig-Hoslstein, north of (...)

gary p. | 2015/11/09 answered | 0 Comments

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Customer reviews

  • Value for money
    Australian couple trip Europe | Terrence f. | 2014/12/17
    "We had another good rail journey on 1st class select country pass. Travelled for 2 weeks from Berlin, through Hamburg, Amsterdam, Cologne to Frankfurt. At this time of year you really don't need to book (last 2 weeks of October) . We did on the first leg but then realised there was plenty of space and we could save ourselves that booking fee. All the legs were great - of course the ICE trains are the best for comfort. I was surprised there wasn't network coverage. Only one of our sections had this. And this was the only section with power points for charging phones/laptops. Since canal boat season had just ended, we took the scenic train route from Cologne to Mainz. For this, make sure you are booking the train via Koblenz and Bingen then you will get the full value of journeying down the Rhein (as opposed the the intercity line which cuts north away from the river). Superb! Beautiful scenery and the train is right by the Rhein for most of the journey. This is a must do train trip. We used the phone app a lot - if you are into apps then get this one for Rail Europe . We could look up train times so easily. Highly recommended and good job on this people! "

  • Value for money
    Hamburg to Berlin | Stephen s. | 2014/08/12
    "The only critiscism was thet there is not much luggage space at the end of the carriages. Sure there is overhead storage but it is impossible to lift a large 25kg suitcase into one. It wouldn't fit anyway. In the end this case was left in the doorway at the end of the carriage. That apart the trip was good and pleasant. "

  • A long ride on the longest day | Noelene k. | 2014/07/08
    "We travelled Zuerich to Hamburg, then Hamburg to Copenhagen on the longest day of the year...21 June. A splendid train and very fast in the bright sunlight. It was even more exciting when the train went on the ferry between Germany and unexpected pleasure. "

  • Convenience
    German speed train | Denise z. | 2014/01/13
    "this one was quite a comfortable trip as well and the system is easy to use- we arrived to the station 1 hour early and were able to catch an earlier train by quickly changing our booking. "

  • Value for money
    HAM-BER | Silvia b. | 2013/10/12
    "I enjoyed my recent experience travelling from Hamburg HBF to Berlin HBF. The train left on time, seats were comfortable with lots of leg room. There weren't many people in the carriage so we had enough room for our luggage. I'm not sure if this would be the case if the trip was fully booked. If I was to travel this route again I would make the same choice. "

  • Value for money
    Cuxhaven to Hamburg | Sari j. | 2013/10/04
    "I was relying on this trip running on time both in departure and arrival as I had come from Helgoland on the Halunder Jet and was leaving Hamburg on the CNl to Paris. I had only half an hour at either end so was a littel stressed about making hte connectins. I need not have worried! The train ran like clock work. Very comfortable not crowded. No class on this as it's a regional but very clean and well presented. Cuxhaven station easy to find and only 5 minutes by taxi from the Alte Leibe. Hamburg Station of course excellent and easy to change from one platform to the next, although very crowded and busy. "

  • Value for money
    Hamburg to paris CNL | Sari j. | 2013/10/04
    "I was a little disappointed with this train. It ran 20 minutes late from Hamburg which was a suprise as German trtains are always on time. There was no explanation and the platform was crowded with tired disgruntled passengers by the time the train came in. Left very little time to board and find my compartment, in fact the train was moving before I could reach it. Family boarding with large luggage held up the boarding procedure as well which I guess is to be expected. I had also expected help with luggage but no.I had trouble even identifying correct carriage to board. I had booked a single first class sleeper and was expecting a shower in the compartment but only had a wash basin. I wasn't prepared to use shower at the end of the carriage as it became quite messy with paper towells that weren't flowing from holder. I slept very well and enjoyed the trip though. Very beautiful coming to France with the sun rising over fields. Light package breakfast served on compartment with suprising good tea. All in all, a good trip but not as good as I was expecting. Tiny littel comp was quite cute though and bed very comfortable. "

  • Germany | Barbara j. | 2013/08/24
    "Bookings on German trains for a Eurail pass seem to be distinctly more expensive than other countries. Shame because that is all that spoils an otherwise very good experience. "

  • Value for money
    Travel from Hamburg- Koeln | Stanley e. | 2013/06/22
    "Very convenient overall. Staff at the Hamburg train station were very helpful but from a traveller with luggage perspective it would have been helpful to have had one of the escalators going down instead of both going up! If it wasn't for the help of a very kind young man this may have resulted in disaster as I nearly fell down the steps. Train was very clean and comfortable, plenty of space for luggage (but the train wasn't full). A lovely relaxing trip and a great way to see the country side. "

  • Un organised, very improper  | . | 2012/11/06
    "After having the wrong time printed on my ticket, I had no choice but to pay for my own hotel room and come back the next day. I decided to call the company to double check that everything was in order. apparently not. I had to reprint my ticket; contrary to what i was told. My ticket was not reprinted but a small note was written on my old ticket, and I was told that the conductor will give me a place in the train. On arrival to the train I was put in a six man booth when I paid for a first class. I have had no reimbursement and I will not be using this again. "