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La Baule, one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

La Baule’s rich natural heritage most certainly contributes to its success and renown. Sumptuous parks and the private gardens of the town’s villas provide colorful charm throughout the heart of the resort, while the surrounding pine forest and carefully preserved estate forests enable you to experience the joys of a stroll in the countryside.

About France

La Baule hosts international sporting events every year. The world’s finest riders open the season in May with the International Obstacle Jumping Competition: the ‘Officiel de France’ brings together the world’s best riders over a four-day period, putting them through tests that combine technical prowess with the pleasure of a show crammed full of strong emotions.

Then, in June, the bay is covered with sails for the International Trophy of Dragons, the not-to-be missed event of sailing regattas.

La Baule’s golf course hosts many competitions over an extensive season. Sports exist happily alongside other less physical pastimes, such as the International Bridge Festival or the acclaimed literary meetings of ‘Ecrivains au Bord de Mer’. The Atlantia Congress Centre hosts cultural events related to all forms of artistic expression: theatre, ballet, classical music or French variety... And last but not least, there is the ‘Pardon de La Baule’, a traditional tribute to Breton folklore celebrated with bagpipes and bombards every year on the third Sunday in August.

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