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Montbard, the perfect place to learn about nature

Montbard is a little town of 5.500 inhabitants, located in Burgundy, in the south-eastern France. Montbard has a long history, stemming from Antiquity, and is now famous for its foundry set up here since this 18th century.

About France

The intendant of the botanical garden in Paris under Louis the XV, Buffon, was born here at the beginning of the 18th century and was very important to his city. He converted an old castle of the Burgundy’s dukes into an beautiful park. Visiting this park’s orangerie, you will discover the naturalist’s work.

You can also explore the museum of Fine Arts at the same place. Having a walk around this park you will find the two 14th century towers, the Ste Urse Church, the ramparts and other ruins of the old fortress.

Do not miss the great foundry that Buffon set up here, which is now a private historic monument that can be visited.

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