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Moscow, discover the russian capital, it has so much to offer

Capital of the huge Russia, Moscow is located in the western part of the country and counts about 14 millions inhabitants. Stealing the show from the ancient capital St Petersburg, Moscow is worth the visit in many respects.


Moscow is overflowing with historical sites and monuments. A thousand years of history left traces here and there. The Kremlin’s majestic buildings, symbol of the country, are absolutely breathtaking. But there is much more to see in Moscow.

Convents and cathedrals or churches like the Donskoy convent or the Cathedral of the Anunciation are just a sample of the religious monuments you can discover. A lot of squares among which the red square or the theater square are pleasant to have a walk.

Museums, monuments, shops, art galleries, there is so much to see in Moscow that you may be spoiled for choice! Do not forget to experience the bustling nightlife.

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