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Moutiers, a paradise for outdoor sports lovers !

Moutiers is a little commune in the Rhone Alps region, south-eastern France. Surrounded by mountains, it is an idyllic setting to relax, to have a break and to take time to have a breath of fresh air.

About France

Stemming from a 2.000 years history, Moutiers still has an important heritage that you will be pleased to discover. Visit the St Pierre Cathedral and admire the architecture and statues dating back from the 13th century to the 18th century.
Visit the Museum of the popular tradition and imagine the peasantry’s way of life. If you want to learn more about the local history, visit the museum of archeology.

While you are in the largest skiable domain in the world, you can also enjoy you stay to experience different sports such as skiing in winter, canoeing, climbing, horsing, swimming, trekking or even discover archery on summer!

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Italy pass Can the Italy pass commence from Geneva airport if traveling to Florence? At the end of our Italian train trip, we wish to travel to Moutiers in France. Will Torino be the closest we can get to Moutiers under the Italy (...)

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Best route to travel from venice to moutiers france? We wish to travel from Venice to Moutiers France by train on January 3 2014 - please advise how we can best do so

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Best route from geneva, switzerland to moutiers, france Can you please provide details on timetable and costing for the train trip from Geneva Airport to Moutiers, France on Friday 20 December - after 1.00pm - for 1 adult and 1 senior? Am I able to book this online or by email? Thank you Jill (...)

Jillian M. | 27 de ochobre de 2013 answered | 0 Comments
We are a group of 12 (6 adults, 5 youths and 1 child). we would like to travel from paris to lyon on december 26; then from (...) Paris - Lyon; Moutiers to Verona; Verona to Bolzano. Rail pass or individual tickets?

Meredith C. | 22 de ochobre de 2013 answered | 0 Comments

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