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Nîmes, even the romans loved it!

Southern France is full of treasures. Nîmes is one of them. Capital of the Gard department in the Languedoc-Roussillon area, this city is firmly rooted in its Roman past, since it is located right on the Via Domitia which used to link Italy to Spain.

About France

In Nîmes and its surroundings, you will be able to touch the Roman era in just one blink. From the Roman amphitheater up to the Pont-du Gard (an impressive aqueduct), you will be impressed.

Of course, don’t miss the famous Maison Carrée in the old Nîmes. It is one of worldwide best-preserved temples of the Roman period. But Nîmes is also known for its mediterranean climate, and its textile industry, as the original denim for blue jeans stems from there.

Pick up your sandals and sunglasses. Relax and enjoy the place where sunbathes, sea, cicadas choir and good wines are at hand.

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Nimes to la spezia g hi We want to go from Nimes to La Spezia on the train along the coast, ie don't want to go via Paris or Milan. We want to do this one day, I have been having trouble booking this, can you please help with some advice and if any short cuts to (...)

Betty S. | 2016/07/24 answered | 0 Comments
Travel from uzes france to la spezia cinque terre We want to travel from Uzes close to Nimes France to La Spezia Conque Terre in one day. Any tips on best provider, when I can book, any shortcuts Thanks

Betty S. | 2016/07/23 answered | 2 Comments
Barcelona to lyon transfer time Hello Is a 6 minute transfer time at Nimes train station too short? This is the options the website is giving me. Thank you, Kelly

Kelly C. | 2016/06/26 answered | 0 Comments
How long are the train trips from bayeux to blois, from blois to nimes, and from nimes to anency? Would like to travel France completely by train. Thinking of taking the train from Paris to Bayeux and to make numerous smaller train trips in Normandy using Bayeux as a base. Next we would like to visit the Loire Valley , basing our day trips (...)

theresa p. | 2016/04/26 answered | 0 Comments

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Customer reviews

  • Value for money
    Train trips in France | Pamela s. | 2015/11/09
    "Same as above. The ticket officers on the trains were helpful and friendly despite little English. There was a food trolley that came through which was well stocked. "

  • Value for money
    TGV from Paris to Nimes | Andrew c. | 2015/10/18
    "Staggeringly quick and smooth trip through beautiful countryside. Booking online and boarding were both simple. First class seats comfortable and spacious for a family of four. Definitely the way to travel between French cities, look forward to future trips. "

  • Value for money
    A pleasant trip in the country | Carolyn f. | 2015/10/04
    "I love the TGV fast trains, as they are so efficient and comfortable to travel distances within France and beyond. Our trip from Nimes to Lyon was pleasant, and ran on time. "

  • Value for money
    So convenient | Kerrie m. | 2015/09/23
    "Travelling by rail is a great way to see the country and stations are easily accessed when staying in the center of the city. "

  • Value for money
    Nimes - Carcassone by TGV | Arthur p. | 2015/09/20
    "Interesting trip - usual TGV comfort and smoothness once we had found our way through the mountain of large suitcases and the milling mob in the entry to the carriage. Most surprising was the Amazon who appeared from out of the mob with her two very large dogs... not sure how there was space for all three of them. Carcassone station also well located on the edge of town just over the Canal. "

  • Value for money
    Avignon - Nimes by intercity | Arthur p. | 2015/09/20
    "Showing the composition of the train is very helpful in finding your car, particularly when the stop is brief. Second class is quite comfortable and roomy, and more than acceptable. Avignon railway station very well located close to the old town, and very accessible. "

  • Value for money
    The TGV | Francis n. | 2015/09/15
    "Great relaxing trip. Wish I was a two level train bags are a problem for us seniors. Seating at higher level provides us tourists a great view "

  • Value for money
    Comfortable and fast | Penelope b. | 2015/07/18
    "An excellent trip - fast, comfortable, etc. However, I only changed trains at Nimes and then travelled to Carcassonne. "

  • Value for money
    Excellent trip | Leigh b. | 2015/07/08
    "Easy experience. Train departed and arrived on time. The only minor problems were actually getting on to the train with our luggage. The train arrival and display of platform number is not long before the departure, so there is a very crowded platform as everyone tries jostles along to find their carriage. We had luggage for two adults and two children and were very relieved to be able to fit it all in the luggage racks. "

  • Value for money
    Superb TGV | Charles c. | 2015/06/06
    "The TGV itself was a very comfortable, fast and convenient to connect to flights to and from CDG. My only quibble was the waiting area at CDG which could have been bigger. "

  • 0 10