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Nuremberg, where medieval meets contemporary

Characterized by its medieval architecture, the German city of Nuremberg feels as though it has manifested from the pages of a fairy tale. While walking around its picturesque streets, you will notice an aesthetic collision of old and new, with medieval stone towers and fortifications juxtaposed aside thriving contemporary art galleries and vibrant markets.

About Germany

Located in the main square, the architecturally stunning 14th-century fountain, Schöner Brunnen is a must visit. From the main square, located in the city’s Altstadt, or old town, you can easily walk to a vast variety of attractions including the Germanisches National Museum, St. Lorenz Church and the lively, outdoor Hauptmarkt.

Train station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Nuremberg can be found.

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Can you book a rail pass over four neighbouring countries for 12 days flexible travel. the passes seem to be limited to 10 (...) I have just been speaking to a consultant but it appears that your passes are limited to 10 days. I want to travel in Germany by train from Frankfurt to Rothenburg to Munich, Nuremburg, Cologne train through Brussels only to get to Lille then (...)

David B. | 2016/01/02 answered | 0 Comments
Travelling europe 2016 Hi, I (family of 4) will be travelling in April next year to: London; Paris; Nice (and Monte Carlo); Rome; Florence; Vience; Leukerbad and Spiez (Switzerland); Salzburg Austria; Nuremberg and Hamburg Germany; Copenhagen then finally Stockholm. (...)

David H. | 2015/09/27 answered | 0 Comments
German-austria pass Hi, I would like to know that whether if I purchased a German-Austria Pass, it allows me to travel on train from Vienna to Budapest and From Prague to Berlin? If not, what is the best pass for this purpose? Thanks. Regards. Eng (...)

Eng A. | 2015/03/19 answered | 0 Comments
Zurich to ashford via paris in july by train I I am in Australia trying to get from Sofia to Ashford via Paris so I can use the Eurostar

Franceen K. | 2015/01/08 answered | 0 Comments
Nantes to nurembourg train from nantes France to Nurembourg in minimum time

Brenda M. | 2014/11/30 answered | 0 Comments

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    family holiday | Maria h. | 2015/11/10
    "excellent service very comfortable and punctual great way to travel "

  • Value for money
    Really good | Jeffrey j. | 2015/07/17
    "We traveled from Muenchen to Nurenberg, really enjoyed the ride, everything went really well. Recommend this service "

  • Value for money
    Convenient Trip | Michael c. | 2014/09/21
    "OK trip. Quick no hassles. Luggage is always a problem on IC and ICE trains in Europe. Never enough room for everyone's luggage. "

  • Value for money
    Getting on and off trains... | Anna b. | 2014/09/03
    "The one complaint i have is the gap between the train and three steps UP into the train and then down again...with large suitcases....also not enough space to store larger suitcases. Great difficulty getting on and off train and people trying to push in front of you....journey itself was very good....Anna.. "

  • Value for money
    Confusion at departure point | Valerie j. | 2013/10/24
    "We arrived at the station to find another train at the platform from which ours was listed to depart. It was due to leave just before 10am and ours at 10.18am. When it was still in place at 10.10am we went looking for somewhere to ask what was happening but no staff seemed to know what was going on. Eventually with a few minutes to go before departure a PA notice came over to say a replacement train was departing for our destination but on another platform so we made it with only minutes to spare (the train was late departing and we almost missed our connection in Nuernberg.) Unfortunately this was our second experience with a lack of communication for the rail system in Germany - perhaps October is a bad month for some reason? "

  • Value for money
    Nice | Ian c. | 2013/07/27
    "First class TGV was very nice, good leg room. And train was quick. "