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Pamplona, you will have a lot to see!

Pamplona is at the crossroad between the spanish, the french and the muslim cultures since ages. Pamplona, also called Iruna in Basque language, is the capital of Navarre. Close to the Pyrenean mountains. As often in Spain, History is all over the place when it comes to such big cities.

About Spain

As the ancient capital of the kingdom of Navarre, Pamplona has a rich royal architecture and legacy. Your eyes will be pleased by the numerous places, buildings and palaces linked to this royal era.

Think of the Plaza del Castillo, the medieval fortifications. or the cathedral Santa Maria la Real, where the kings of Navarre were crowned. It is also a pleasant adventure to dive into the many streets of the charming old city. There you can enjoy the local festival of San Fermin, where bulls run after courageous men every july since ages.

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Dianne W. | 2014/04/05 answered | 2 Comments

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    Madrid Pamplona Train | Michael l. | 2015/09/15
    "Easy to get to and very comfortable and fast. Much better than waiting around in airports and having very cramped seats. Will do this again. "

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    Solo Camino traveler | Michael g. | 2014/06/13
    "I found the train from Madrid to Pamplona excellent for connection to bus to st jean pied de port "