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Parma, a historic and attractive town in northern Italy

Parma, a historic and attractive town in northern Italy

Located in northern Italy, in the region of Emilia-Romagna, Parma is a city famed for its parmesan cheese and ham. The city is one of Italy’s best destination for excellent cuisine. Parma is also known for its churches, museums and art galleries.

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The obvious thing to do when you reach Parma is to try its local cuisine. You will be delighted by a hearty tortelli or potato gnocchi accompanied by Parma ham and parmesan cheese. Visit the amazing landmarks of the city, such as the Parma Cathedral, the Palazzo della Pilotta and the Piazza Duomo.

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How can i get from ulm germany to parma italy We are looking to travel from Ulm in Germany to Parma in Italy on the 21st of July 2014 but we can not seem to find a simple way. we would prefer a night trail but will settle for day train.

Margarita D. | 2014/05/18 answered | 0 Comments

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