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Poitiers, when romanesque art goes with amusement park

In the heart of the Poitou-Charentes region in western France, the beautiful city of Poitiers is waiting for you. It is located 100 km south from Tours and the world-famous Loire Valley’s chateaux, and counts a little more than 80.000 inhabitants

About France

The whole region of Poitou-Charente is known for its multitude of religious romanesque style buildings. Poitiers presents many of remarkable examples of this beautiful architecture.

Among them, head the Notre-Dame-la-Grande’s church with its amazing sculpted facade, or visit the UNESCO listed Saint-Hilaire-le-Grand’s church, dating back from the 11th century. Several meters away from Notre-Dame-la-Grande’s church, you will discover another pearl of Poitiers’ cultural heritage : the "angevin gothic " style Saint Peter’s cathedral. If the cultural heritage of Poitiers is really rich, many other activities are available, such as the nearby Futurscope amusement park...

Whatever you do in Poitiers, you will enjoy this multifaceted and pleasant historic city.

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  • Value for money
    Very enjoyable | Gary h. | 2015/08/28
    "Fast but able to see plenty of countryside and so enjoyed scenery. Comfortable seating. Good value for money. Our third form of travel on our holiday. Plane, car and now train? Would and will us train again. "

  • Value for money
    wifi | Karine c. | 2015/08/13
    "All the TGV I took except one were late. I missed some correspondance. In all TGV at least toilettes were blocked. There was not enough place for luggages I would appreciate having the wifi in the TGV "

  • Value for money
    Great convenience | Anne h. | 2015/06/23
    "My need we're met very well as I travelled up from La Rochelle to CDG picked up my grandson next morning and travelled back Just a really great experience,thank you "

  • Value for money
    Trip to Poitiers | Ron m. | 2014/10/24
    "Excellent trip as usual "

  • Value for money
    Good Service | Cathryn m. | 2014/10/14
    "I was very happy with the train journey. Unfortunately the timetable did not allow for us to travel directly to CDG and then to our plane and we had to go up the evening before our flight. Sunday timetable is limited as expected. "

  • Value for money
    TGV train from CDG to Poitiers | Beverly m. | 2014/08/23
    "With no need to visit Paris every trip I love that this train leaves from CDG and I do not need to go into Paris before heading south. Same for my return trip as I can return directly to CDG for my international flight home. Dining car food is very expensive and not much choice - take something with you. "

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    TGV good times | David g. | 2014/08/22
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    Feedback | Karen b. | 2014/06/19
    "The day we travelled on the train it was quite a hot day. We found that the train was very hot and stuffy with no air flow. "

  • Value for money
    Poitiers to CdeG airport | Rowena b. | 2014/06/16
    "1) I would like to see digital displays at the front of each carriage, that show the instantaneous speed of the train. 2) There is not enough space for luggage. "

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    Holiday travel feedback | Anne c. | 2014/02/01
    "Convenient, reliable and direct. Would definitely recommend to others and use the service again. "

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