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Quimper, a so charming town to discover in Brittany

Quimper is a city located in Brittany, in the western part of France. This lovely city is only 56 km away from Brest, at the west end of the Finistere. Quimper counts around 63.000 inhabitants.

About France

Quimper is considered as a very pleasant place to stay and to live. This nice city is multiply labelled : "ville d’art et d’histoire" (city of art and history), and it is one of the most flowered city of France…

Historically, Quimper is a great trading city. It kept this function with numerous little shops in ancient streets where you will be pleased to stroll in. Quimper has also a wonderful cultural heritage : go to visit the Saint-Corentin’s cathedral or the Butter square.

The city of Quimper is also known for its typical earthenware : born in the historical area of Locmaria, this artwork is still practised in many workshops, like the one of Henriot Quimper you can visit.

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Strasbourg to quimper How can I travel by train from Strasbourg to Quimper?

Anthony K. | 2014/01/02 answered | 2 Comments

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  • Value for money
    Great TGV trip to Brittany | Ann w. | 2015/09/24
    "Our recent trip from Paris to Brittany via the TGV rail service was straight forward from beginning to end! The booking through Raileurope was easy, the cost of the fare very good and the train ran schedule so we thoroughly recommend this as a great way to travel across France AND see the French countryside at the same time! "

  • Value for money
    Ian Jones | Ian j. | 2014/06/15
    "The 5 hour trip to Quimper was very relaxing trains are the way to travel while in France. "

  • Value for money
    Paris/Quimper return | Anne v. | 2013/09/01
    "Food car not as good as Belgium railways. I would be nice to get information in english over PA system belgium and italy trains did. O/seas travellers appreciate knowing the stops on the route so you dont have to be peering out the window and wondering if this is your stop "

  • Value for money
    TGV Paris to Quuimper | Lee h. | 2013/07/02
    "Travel in 1st class on TGV is a pleasure. Comfortable, good buffet facilities but above all speed of journey is fantastic. French TGV trains are amazing-if only Australia would bite the bullet and invest in same we would be so much better off! "