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Saarbrucken, a long history, a great result

Saarbrucken is a city located in the Sarre land, in western Germany. Set up on the french border, Saarbrucken is a central city in Europe and can be reached easily from Germany, Belgium, France and Luxemburg.

About Germany

The history of Saarbruck, which was alternatively french and german, gave this city an amazing melting of architectural styles.

Saarbrucken is Particularly symbolised by the baroque style monuments built during the 18th century by the architect Friedrich Joachim Stengel. Among them, on the Ludwigplatz, the Saint Louis’ church, considered as one of the most beautiful baroque style building of Germany, is waiting for you. Another gem of baroque architecture is the Saint John basilic. Saarbrucken also presents many interesting museums such as the Sarre’s museum or the Prehistoric and Protohistoric museum.

Before leaving Saarbrucken, have a walk around the Franco-German garden. You will be pleased to see the famous world of Gulliver presented in this park.

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  • Value for money
    NO provision for disability  | Carolyn k. | 2013/07/20
    "When boarding the train at Saarbruken and we had our mother with us she uses a wheelie walker. We had to step up to get into the train awkward for a person who has disabilities. There was no where to store the walker .It did not fit in the overhead storage area. Would not fit between the seats or down the aisle. No provision to store it any where else . Then when we tried to put our small amount of luggage in the overhead storage area we could not as another passenger had put a surfboard there. On the return trip same problem with the walker. But what I found annoying as well was that we all ended up going backwards as the train seats faced the wrong way. This can affect people who get motion sickness. It makes it hard for people to enjoy the scenery. "