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Saumur, enjoy its Cadre Noir and its castle along the Loire river

Saumur is a pleasant 28.000 inhabitants town located along the Loire River, in the Western part of France. It can boast about having an important heritage and it offers the visitor a lot to do and see. So just come and see by yourself!

About France

Among the numerous attractions provided by Saumur is the world-famous Cadre Noir, the French National Cavalry School, providing spectacular displays of horsemanship.

You must not miss either the 14th and 19th century UNESCO listed castle that gracefully dominates the river. Strolling about the city centre you will admire Notre Dame de Chantilly’s church and beautiful facades dating back to medieval’s and renaissance’s periods. Discover the "champignonnières", the mushroom farms, and have a wine tasting. You can see in Saumur the biggest Neolithic’s dolmen of the country, called the dolmen of Bagneux.

You will also find different museums such as the one of the armoured tanks.

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Need advice on which trains go to the towns we wish to travel to in france We are a group of 4 adults. We travel from London 23 June to Marseille. Marseille to Bordeaux 25 June. Bordeaux to Saumur 28 June. Saumur to Mont St Michel 1 July. Mont St Michel to beaulencourt british cemetery ligny thilloy We are not sure (...)

Vicki R. | 28 de marzu de 2015 answered | 0 Comments
Advise on the right pass! Please advise: What is the best value pass to purchase for the following itinerary: 19/12: Paris to Saumur 21/12: Saumur to Lyon 23/12: Lyon to Aix-En-Provence 26/12: Aix En Provence to Toledo Possibly also some travel later in Spain- are we (...)

Elia L. | 1u de avientu de 2014 answered | 0 Comments
From cdg airport to tours? I will arrive from Australia on 5 June 1.30pm.At Charles De Gaulle airport. I need to go to Saumur,ho do i get there by puplic transport.

YVONNE F. | 30 de abril de 2014 answered | 0 Comments

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