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St Raphael, enjoy idleness!

Sea and sun, welcome to St Raphaël, on the world-famous french Côte d’Azur. Facing the Mediterraneean sea, St Raphaël is a 36 000 inhabitants town which attracts a lot of tourists each year, looking for sandy beaches and bustling nightlife.

About France

The mild climate enables the visitor to come all year long. If you want to learn the history of the city, head the archaeological museum where you will see objects that were found in St Raphaël’s bay.

Enjoy the old city centre and the Provencal markets. Then head the San Raféu’s church, the oldest european sanctuary dedicated to the archangel Raphaël, dating back to the 12th century. You can also visit the Notre Dame de la Victoire de Lepante basilica, in a neo-byzantin style.

You also should have a walk along the "Corniche d’or", a road linking St Raphaël to Cannes that offers you beautiful views and landscapes.

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  • Value for money
    Communication | Ian w. | 2013/08/01
    "I was recommended by our French supplier to use the TGV to travel from Paris to St Raphael and return. As I had a tight schedule, I had an early train to St. Raphael, and an evening train back. Catching the train, and the train itself, (seating etc) was good, and the trip went well until there was a very unfortunate (I believe fatal) incident on the tracks just past Avignon. This is obviously beyond the control of Rail Europe and TGV, however I was disappointed at the quality of information, particularly to a non-French speaker. There appeared to be only one conductor who spoke English, and after delays at the Avignon Station, the train headed back towards Paris!!! It turned out it was going back so it could go on another route around the problem, but as this happened quite suddenly, I was unable to do anything about it!! If I had known, or been informed, I would have left the train and hired a car, as I was now close to my destination - unfortunately, I ended up 3 hours late, and only had 1 and 1/2 hours at St Raphael to conduct my business, which I had come from Australia for! A short English speaking announcement (as happens on many other train systems, such as Japan, and as actually occurred on the return trip!!) would have allowed me many other options and saved several hours for my already tight schedule, and improved the business being attended to in St Raphael. The journey otherwise is quite comfortable, but I would think carefully about other options next time. Cheer "

  • Value for money
    Average journey | David w. | 2013/06/16
    "Journey to Nice was in the upper deck of a duplex TGV. Comfortable journey with wide windows for wonderful view of the coastline. The disadvantage of the upper deck is the narrow and winding staircase that must be negotiated with luggage often while the train is in motion. Luggage space is not sufficient when carriage full. The TGV was approximately 30 mins late. "