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Toulon, between sea and mountains…

Between sea and mountains, come to discover the pleasant city of Toulon, in southeastern France. Facing the Mediterranean sea, Toulon is the largest french military harbour, but it is also an attractive city where you will have a lot to do and see.

About France

Despite the damages of the World War 2, Toulon remains a city with an important heritage. Enjoy the Puget square, a picturesque provencal place.

On summer, you can enter the 16th century Royal Tower. As Toulon needed to be defended, you may meet a lot of fortifications such as the St Louis Fort, the Italy’s gate or the Square Tower. Head the Sainte Marie de la Seds cathedral, an Historic monument dating back to the 11th century and blending different styles.

The St Louis and the St François de Paule churches are worth the visit as well. You will also find various museums and beaches in Toulon!

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Paris to toulon 2 seniors travelling at 10.19am Paris to Toulon TGV on August 15th. How far ahead can we book the fare?

Ellie S. | 2016/04/17 answered | 0 Comments
So now i have bought a eurail pass - france - italy combo. only when you try to reserve seats are you told that eurostar is not (...) So now I am trying to Reserve Seats for our trip from Paris to Toulon and as a Eurail Pass holder I am only being offered 2nd class seats on a 7.30am train. There are many trains scheduled that day, why am I not able to travel when I wish - (...)

Kathryn K. | 2015/06/23 answered | 0 Comments
London via paris nice we need to travel from london paris,paris toulose,toulouse lorgues lorgues nice in may 2015 2 adults seniors

vivienne d. | 2015/02/24 answered | 0 Comments
I need to plan our trip through france and italy from starting from st malo and going to lyon, avign We are planning to travel through France and Italy from 19 July through to16 Sept. The trip we have planned starts at St Malo and goes to Lyon, Avignon, Marseille, Toulon, Nice, Turin, Milan, Trieste, Rome, Florence, and finish in Paris on 16 (...)

Claude L. | 2014/11/19 answered | 4 Comments
Travel from venice to toulon in france by train We would like to travel from Venice in Italy to Toulon in France by train on Tuesday 02 September 2014

John D. | 2014/06/11 answered | 0 Comments

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Customer reviews

  • Value for money
    Marseille to Toulon | Diana m. | 2015/08/11
    "This train didn't have as many stops, so was abit quicker. We all (4 of us) had seats. Once again left and arrived on time. Train travel around France really cheap if you go regional train. "

  • Value for money
    Arles to Marseille | Diana m. | 2015/08/11
    "We were a party of four over 60yo's travelling around France by train. They are of varying degrees of comfort and cleanliness. Depending on how fast you wanted to get any where was how much you paid. We were not in any hurry so chose regional trains so we could see country side. All in all some were slower and dirtier than others. This train was a clackety clack train, but we met some nice local people to talk with which passed the time really quickly. All the trains left and arrived on time. I booked this train from Australia. "

  • Value for money
    Travel to Paris with views | Cecilia s. | 2015/07/27
    "We used the train to travel from Toulon to Paris. We were unaware that there were differing stations we could option as our final destination. It was difficult to take photos at 300km/h but that was our problem. "

  • Value for money
    Rail  | Jennifer j. | 2015/05/23
    "Not having booked seats made this trip harder than others we've had. Very hard with large luggage. "

  • Value for money
    Fantastic trip as always | Thomas m. | 2015/04/20
    "Fantastic trip, on time, comfortable, seated in a block of 4 which was perfect for our family of 4. "

  • Value for money
    Connection | Gary w. | 2015/01/29
    "Our train was an hour late into Paris Gare Lyon. Luckily, I had given myself a couple of hours between connections. Maybe something to consider when planning. "

  • Value for money
    TGV Experience | Gary w. | 2015/01/12
    "The trip was very enjoyable. The seats were comfortable. The food and drink was pleasant surprise. If travelling as a tourist, the trick is to book as early as possible to get the best value. "

  • Value for money
    A great way to travel | Susan p. | 2014/10/24
    "TGVs are the best way to travel around Europe - super fast, clean, great value for money and an excellent network of cities. "

  • simple and smooth | . | 2014/10/07
    "Couldn't be easier. The eTickets meant that there was no need to validate on the Quai. Just be there at least 20 min before the train is due - walk along the Quai to see where the allocated coach will stop - electronic display is so simple to follow. If you get on the wrong coach it quite a trial to get along the inside of the train, especially the dual level ones. Upper level is great for views BUT, if you have difficulty dragging your suitcase up a spiral staircase, make sure that you get seats on the lower level. There is luggage space at the end - but it is limited - problem with full seating. There is also some luggage space half-way along the coach which is often free. Great site for booking and very helpful. "

  • Value for money
    South to North in 3 Hours | Ruth b. | 2014/07/05
    "After 30 days in France we were returning home. We were travelling to Paris from Provence to stay at an airport hotel overnight. We purchased our tickets early and for a few extra dollars enjoyed travel in the TGV first class. The seats were very comfortable and spacious and the scenery beautiful. The only drawback was the very limited catering on offer. The standard was not high which seemed surprising for a country like France. However rail is easier than air travel and the experience was excellent. "

  • 0 10