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Lifting the shroud in Piedmont

Turin, an unforgettable experience

Wide streets and 17th-century buildings are surrounded by snow-capped mountains in Turin, dubbed the Capital of the Alps. This wealthy Italian city is a centre for industry, fashion and the arts, with a football-mad population who split their rabid loyalty between giants Juventus and Torino.

About Italy

All along the Po river,it’s a delight to get lost in this magic metropolis while driving your local FIAT, and heading to the cathedral where the famous Shroud of Christ is now protected.

The heart of the city and its many porticoed streets is also the place where architecture covers many historical periods. From the Roman Palatine Towers, you can reach the Piazza Castello, and then follow some streets and arrive at the Mole Antonelliana, which used to be a synagogue. Since then it became the National Museum of Cinema, and is also the symbol of Turin.

And don’t forget to taste some Piedmontese chocolate.

Train station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Turin can be found.

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    Train travel | Susan b. | 2015/10/14
    "All our train trips were great.First class worth the money. Everything also written and spoken in English. Would travel by train again. "

  • Value for money
    Another easy Trip by Train | Bob b. | 2015/07/06
    "All went well from booking to travel. Turino Station could use a lot more seating on the concourse, and food outlets are a walk. Escalators not working means lifts are to be used. Chck out location of toilets before deciding on a last minute visit! Train facilities excellent, trip relaxing and fast as usual. "

  • Value for money
    Foggia to Roma Termini  | Nigel d. | 2015/06/02
    "The train journey was quite good. We traveled economy (2nd Class) and found the compartment very cramped. There was inadequate space for luggage, but we managed to keep our suitcases behind some seats. "

  • Value for money
    Chambery-Challes to Turin | Lawrie w. | 2015/05/29
    "This train was meant to leave from Platform A, but actually left from Platform B. For those of us lacking foreign language skills, this could have been disastrous. The carriage was clean and comfortable and the train ran pretty much to schedule. "

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    Geneva to Chamber- Challes | Lawrie w. | 2015/05/29
    "We undertook this trip in late April, and were generally pleased with the trip. However, two issues did cause a little bit of concern. The first was that we were sent to Platform 8 to catch the train; it left from Platform 7. It was also disappointing that we could not book reserved seats for this trip. It was a clean and comfortable trip, and ran punctually. "

  • Value for money
    TGV from Turin to Paris | Rhona c. | 2015/05/11
    "I find getting the train around Europe to be more enjoyable than flying. To go from one city centre to another avoids a lot of wasted time and large taxi fares. However I do think the TGV is looking a little tired and needed to be cleaner but in other respects it was very good. Booking ahead is a must to get better value. The Porta Susa station is very new and very boring, if you get there early there are no shops, one café and I could not find a bookshop/newsagent anywhere. "

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    Frecciafantastic | Rhona c. | 2015/05/11
    "The Frecciarossa trains are wonderful - fast, efficient and clean with better than average train toilets. Booking ahead for a good deal is a must as some people had paid more than twice what I had for the same journey. "

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    "From the booking and price through the trip itself everything was great. You would be crazy not to book before leaving Australia. Just print out the email and take the ticket with you. "

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    Something to look for | Usha m. | 2015/01/29
    "On board wifi access availability would make it even better. Announcements in English for international travellers would be an added advantage. "

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    Paris to Venice 1 | Robert h. | 2014/11/03
    "Booked the train for this trip. Left at 10 am so we were able to enjoy the spectacular scenery a great trip. "

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