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Utrecht, a dynamic and student city!

Located in the centre of Netherlands, Utrecht is a pretty city crossed by canals along which bars, restaurants and shops offer the visitor some good time. Let yourself be tempted by the student city and the bustling life, you will not have regrets.

About Netherlands

Stroll around the "Dom toren", the emblematic tower of the cathedral. This 14th century tower is the oldest and the highest one of the country, reaching some 112 metres.

While you are there, visit the gothic cathedral whose mural paintings dates back to the 15th century. Architecture lovers will be amazed by the Unesco listed Rietveld Schröder house. Among the unavoidable monuments to see, do not miss the largest castle of the country, the De Haar castle. Reflected in the water, it may be one of the most luxuous castle in Europe.

Utrecht can also boast about having no less than 8 fortresses. Museum lovers will be spoiled for choice.

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