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Vigo, the unforgettable and mind-blowing city

In northeastern Spain, in the Autonomous Community of Galicia, Vigo is waiting for you. Along the Atlantic Ocean, on the estuary Vigo Ria, Vigo is only 86 kms away from the touristic and spiritual city of Santiago de Compostela.

About Spain

Its geographic location makes Vigo a wonderful place. The Vigo Ria offers a magnificient landscape.

The best point of view on the estuary you can get is from Domaio. You can also go to the Mirador de la Madroa, where an ancient fortress watches over the Ria. From here, you will have a beautiful view onto the Cies islands, closing the estuary. This archipelago is listed as natural park and groups together many bird species.

Vigo is also a cultural city, with many museums you can visit. Among them, you can see the sea museum or the municipal museum housing archaeologic relics and Galician paintings. While you are here, enjoy the nice beaches.

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