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Ragged seaboards and old towns dating back to the middle Ages, that is what is waiting for you in Denmark.

Over 2,600 km of tracks make up the railway network of Denmark. The national railway operator is the DSB (Danske Statsbaner), also known as the Danish State Railways in English. DSB is the most important railway company in Scandinavia. Denmark has train connections to neighbouring countries such as Sweden and Germany. Travellers can use the SJ’s X 2000 service to reach Stockholm. The trip to Germany can be made by using the EuroCity and ICE. IC3 and IR4 are popular trains in Denmark.

Denmark, the small Nordic land of 400 islands, is synonymous of modern cities, picturesque countryside and efficient public infrastructure. The endless opportunities for country walks and seaside breaks as well as the variety of museums and festivals will easily satisfy the most enthusiastic visitors. Experience the excellent Nordic cuisine, witness the legacy of the Vikings and take a look at the castles, manors and palaces, heritage of 1,000 years of kingdomship.


Wander around the city of Copenhagen. Have a walk in the garden of Tivoli, from the 19th century, and see the Round Tower (19th century). If you prefer renaissance style, take a train to Aalborg. In Åarhus’s town, admire lovely half-timbered houses but also contemporary art. Discover some tombs of the royal dynasty of Denmark in the gothic St Knud’s cathedral, in Odense.


If you travel by train, you will have time to look at the countryside. In Northern Denmark, you can enjoy the flat landscape to go cycling and see the seas (Skagerak and Kattegatt). If you are not after cycling, go to the rolling greens of Jutland region, which also provides rivers to kayak.

Take home

Try the local herb-flavoured spirit aquavit and bring a bottle back from Aalborg. If you prefer jewels, why do not you buy cufflinks from the designer Georg Jensen? It would be an ideal present. You can also find anything you need for your interior’s home.

Eat & Drink

Sort of porridge made of rugbrød (rye-bread) and beer, try the øllebrød, which is the traditional dish. You should also taste the dishes with smoked herring or with eel. If you prefer something more “common”, try the pork with parsley sauce. If you travel by train, pastries from Denmark are perfect to fill you up.

New Perspective

Istedgade Street in Copenhagen was once seedy but is now a cool place to have a coffee or to go shopping.

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