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Located in the heart of Europe, Slovakia is a little country that deserves to be known in many respects.

The national railway company of Slovakia is known as Railways of the Slovak Republic or Železnice Slovenskej republiky (ŽSR). Major cities in Slovakia are connected by trains with daily connections. Trains are the best choice for travelling as they are more comfortable and less expensive, especially for long trips. Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia, is the transportation hub. Intercity trains serve cities and regions like Bratislava, Žilina, The High Tatras and Košice. There is an international train connection to Slovakia from Vienna, the capital city of Austria. International trains also link Slovakia to Hungary and Poland.


There is more than the capital, Bratislava, to visit in Slovakia. Travel by train and reach other important cities of the country such as Žilina or Košice. You will find typical architecture, old historic city centers, and different churches, from the Gothic style period to the Secession one.


Crossing the country by train, you will discover beautiful landscapes made up with rivers, mountains, valleys and picturesque countryside. The four fifth of Slovakia is covered by mountains. Climb to Štrbské Pleso, the highest station of the country (1,320 metres) and enjoy the amazing scenery. Spiš Castle, one of the biggest castles in Central Europe, is waiting for you.

Take Home

On the top of your souvenirs list, buy some crystal glass or ceramic objects. If you like music, find a fujara. It will not need a lot of space in your suitcase. Back home, you will then explain to your friends that this folk flute is on the Unesco list. Decorated folk hatchet (valaška) is another option.

Eat & Drink

As Slovakia is a little country, its gastronomy is influenced by its neighbours. Anyway, if you like cheese, try the traditional Bryndza. The zemiaková placka (sort of pancake with potato, filled with meat or paprika) is delightful.

New Perspective

Take the OS 7781 train to go to Dobšinská, and explore the Unesco World Heritage listed Ice Cave. Wow visiting this incredible but freezing wonder of nature.

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