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Slovenia is a little country resulting from cultural mixing, where the train can lead you in almost all the destinations.

The state railway company of Slovenia is the Slovenian Railways, also known as Slovenske železnice (SŽ). The railway network of Slovenia consists of over 1,200 km of railway tracks. It is one of the smallest networks in Europe. There are international trains linking Slovenia with Austria, Croatia, Hungary and Italy. The hub for train transportation is Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. There are severl types of trains which operate in Slovenia, including the InterCity Slovenija (ICS), the InterCity (IC), the EuroCity (EC), the International trains (MV), the EuroNight (EN), and local passenger trains (RG and LP).

Slovenia is a small country located south of Austria and Hungary between Italy and Croatia. It boasts an extraordinary diversity of landscapes, from the Alps to the Adriatic sea, in a relatively small territory. At the crossroads of the Germanic, Latin, and Slavic civilisations, Slovenia has however a distinctive identity. Distinguishing itself from other destinations mainly due to its natural climate and its cultural, culinary and historical diversity, Slovenia makes it easy for visitors to experience many activities in a short period of time.


The only big city of Slovenia is its capital, Ljubljana. Here, you will notice the different influences on the buildings’ architecture. After visiting Ljubljana, take a train to Maribor. In this town can be seen the oldest vine in the world! And since you are here, stroll around the markets and the waterfront.

Due to its location, Slovenia is well connected with other major European cities like Vienna, Budapest, Venezia, Trieste, Milano, Salzburg and Zagreb. In fact, Slovenia has a well-developed rail network, meaning that numerous tourist attractions can be reached by train. The Slovenian rail network connects the capital Ljubljana, situated at the heart of Slovenia, with the surrounding parts of the country.


What is good in a small country such as Slovenia is that you can cross it by train in only one day. So you can go skiing on the morning in the Alpine mountains and bask in the blue waters of the Adriatic Sea in the evening!

Over half of the country is covered by green forests, and there are intact mountain ranges as well as countless rivers which makes Slovenia a rich natural destination. The Slovenian coast on the Adriatic Sea is approximately 43 km long and in Summer it is popular with tourists from Germany, Austria and Italy. In the hinterland, the atmosphere is quieter. Many interesting small towns and their beautiful historic centres will charm any visitor.

Take Home

The Unesco site of Škocjan is a one of a kind experience. You will thrill visiting the caves and its souvenir shops where you will be spoiled for choice. Postojna area is quite touristic so you will find shops as well, but the best is to go to the capital where you will find everything for what you are looking for.

Eat & Drink

You have to try the Krašski pršut, a raw ham similar to the Italian prociutto. Taste the different dumplings, stuffed with sweet, meat or vegetable fillings. There are 70 ways to prepare it so take your time if you want to experience all of them, drink an Adam Ravbar beer to accompany it.

New Perspective

Enjoy your trip in Slovenia to have a breath of fresh air cannoning or paragliding in Posocje and Triglav National Park.

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