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For an unbelievable experience, have a breath of fresh air watching the midnight sun in Sweden.

The Nordic Kingdom of Sweden is a land of incredible contrast ranging from the dense pine and birch forests to freezing glaciers and untouched polar plains. Nature and Sweden are inseparable, yet it is also one of the most modern, avant-garde and open-minded country in Europe. Travelling by train in Scandinavia’s largest country is really simple, thus making your trip a comfortable adventure.


Arrive in Stockholm, visit the Royal Castle and wander around the Old Town. Then take a train to Gothenburg, in the south-west of Sweden. Stroll along the markets, enter Masthugget romantic church and have a walk around neo-classical Götaplatsen Square. Head south to Malmo where contemporary architecture may surprise you.


If you come to see the northern lights, hop on a train to Riksgrãnsen. Sweden is world-famous for its huge wilderness. Wow in front of the limestone formations on the island of Fårö or stroll along the sandy beaches of the southern Skåne Province. Do not miss the archipelagos of Stockholm or Gothenburg.

Take Home

Take home some Swedish glass if you go to Småland but be careful, it is very fragile. If you like minimalist interior designs, board on a train for Stockholm’s shops. If you are staying in northern Sweden, buy some bracelets crafted by the Sami people.

Eat & Drink

In Norrland try some reindeer casserole (renskav), savour smoked eel in Skåne (south). Taste the gravlax (raw salmon) if you are on the west coast. Try as well the typical pytt I panna (cubed potatoes and beef). Sweet tooth will love the raggmunk (potato pancake) with lingonberry jam.

New Perspective

If you come by train, you will experience the Öresundsbron Bridge that overlooks the Baltic sea and links Copenhagen in Denmark to Malmö in Sweden.

Abisko will offer you the biggest light shows in the world! Indeed not only you will be delighted by the Northern Lights but also by the sunset and sunrise – minutes apart each other! Apart from the heavenly wonders on the show, there is the Abisko National Park which offers guided tours as well as a restaurant and a pub.

Going to Björkliden in winter means you are going downhill skiing. These vast heavenly ski slopes are actually within walking distance from the station, and you can easily rent all necessary equipment. Björkliden is Europe’s last true wilderness where you can enjoy dogsledding and snowmobile. There are several hotels, log cabins and local restaurants to accomodate you.

As for Riksgränsen, some say it is out of this world! It is after all the world’s northernmost ski resort, 200 km above the Arctic Circle where the mountains of Sweden, Norway and Finland meet. In summer, go right up and ski under the midnight sun! After an epic ski session, hang up your skis and enjoy a glass of glögg in the outdoor hot tubs at the world’s northernmost spa.

It’s is no easy task to say of Sweden is more appealing in winter or in summer. One thing is certain though – whatever the season, Sweden remains a fantastic country to visit all year round.

Our tip: Experience a night’s sleep in the world renowned Icehotel near Kiruna. Don’t forget to ask for your special certificate acknowledging that you have travelled onboard the Arctic Circle train.

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Reviews & ratings

  • Value for money
    Comfortable, but mixed review | Katerina d. | 2017/01/16
    "It was not clear online that wifi is only provided once we crossed the border into Germany. Wifi also did not work on my connecting ICE train between Frankfurt and Munich, which was a disappointment as I needed to contact those meeting me upon my arrival. There were no lockers for my suitcase, despite it being advertised online so I had to keep it next to me as was too big to go overhead. Otherwise, a nice, yet expensive for value, experience. "

  • Value for money
    Amsterdam to Osnabrueck | Rosalyn o. | 2017/01/15
    "This trip went very smoothly. It was on time and the seats were comfortable. The Wi-Fi was useful. "

  • Value for money
    Hamburg to Nurnberg | Rosalyn o. | 2017/01/15
    "The train was comfortable and was on time. We found the Wi-Fi useful too. There was not enough room for our luggage and these had to be kept in the entrance foyer of the carriage so I found myself having to get up at every stop to make sure they were not in the way of entering and exiting passengers. other passengers had theirs in corridors, so additional luggage space would be beneficial. Also we found that there was a conflict of seat numbers as there was someone in one of our seats when we boarded and during the course of the trip another passenger had the same seat number as us and the train guard was called to sort it out. These things made the trip a little awkward but apart from this the trip was pleasurable. "

  • Value for money
    Amazing Scenery | Kenneth d. | 2016/12/22
    "This trip has some unbelievable scenery, especially in Winter. "

  • Fantastic | . | 2016/12/14
    "Our trip on the ICE was fantastic. Could not complain about anything. It was clean, punctual and good value for money. Love the trains in Europe "

  • Value for money
    Fast ride | Paul o. | 2016/11/25
    "The best way to get to Edinburgh. Good price tickets, seat not super spacious but with no one sitting next to me and train mostly empty it was fine. It would be wise to avoid 2nd class at peak times though. "

  • Value for money
    Cross country travel | Iromi s. | 2016/11/24
    "Crossing Europe by train was the best idea. The most frustrating thing about air travel is all the security check points that add hours to the journey. We had a seamless trip from Copenhagen to Linkoping in Sweden. The train also brings you to the centre of the city which is far more convenient than flying. Highly recommended! "

  • Value for money
    Berlin to Frankfurt | Rodney w. | 2016/11/22
    "A very pleasant journey; comfortable seats, although leg room is tight. Our biggest issue with the service was the lack of space for large luggage. Coming from Australia we had two large bags full of winter clothes. The overhead container were to small and there was no provision, except behind another passengers seat at the end of the carrage. "

  • Value for money
    Great | Juergen d. | 2016/11/14
    "Booking was extremely easy and the train was comfortable and clean. "

  • Value for money
    Business trip | Brigitte s. | 2016/11/10
    "Ideal way to travel as you are not waiting around on airports. Quick trip and clean. We booked well in advance and reserved the seats. WiFi available to enable you to keep working with refreshments also available on board. Only downside when travelling with suitcases, they need to go overhead or they are out of sight. Would be great if cases could be stored between seats. "

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