Eurail Global Pass

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The Eurail Global Pass is certainly the most convenient solution to travel extensively on board trains in Europe. The Eurail Global Pass will offer you unlimited rail travel in 31 European countries, giving you the opportunity to visit main cities such as Paris, Rome, Berlin, Munich, Barcelona or Amsterdam.

Planning your trip

Choose the Eurail Global Pass and you will have the maximum flexibility to travel throughout Europe by train. You can indeed hop on just about any train and visit 31 European countries and its charming cities. You can start your trip from any country and travel as much as you want between the countries which are part of the program. With the Eurail Global Pass, you’ll have the freedom to travel in total relaxation.

Why not start your trip in Italy. Start in Rome, the capital city, and then the romantic city of Venice before heading to the French Riviera to enjoy the bright and sunny climate. Stay a few days there to visit cities such as Nice and Cannes. After a couple of days rest, hit the road again to Geneva in Switzerland. Enjoy the snowy slopes of Geneva and the beautiful Swiss landscape.

When in Europe, you will have endless travel possibilities by train. For instance in France, cities, towns and back countries are well connected by TGV and regional trains (TER). From main cities in France, you can take international high speed trains to visit neighbouring countries. Take the train to reach Spain, a country which appeals to culture, party and sun lovers. From there take the train to discover Portugal and to visit Lisbon. The city’s architecture and museums will delight you.
Central Europe is also worthy of discovering. Use your Eurail Global Pass to discover the land of Dracula – Romania, and Bordering countries such as Bulgaria and Hungary.

A comprehensive network

With the Eurail Global Pass, you will have the possibility to travel on the national rail network of the 28 European countries which are covered by the pass. If you have chosen a Eurail Global Pass, you should know that high speed trains, scenic trains and overnight trains require a reservation. Make sure to reserve your seat before travelling. And of course, if you want to travel in a country which is not covered by the Eurail Global Pass, you can always buy a separate ticket to reach your destination. With Eurail, you have specific products according to the number of days that you want to have to travel in Europe. You can book your Eurail Global Pass on our website.


This is the complete list of countries covered by the Eurail Global Pass :

  • Macedonia
  • Montenegro
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Serbia
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Turkey
  • (Liechtenstein and Monaco are considered part of Austria and France respectively).