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If you are looking to visit 4 neighbouring countries in Europe, the Eurail Select Pass is the best solution to do so by train. Use the Eurail Select Pass to plan your trip in Europe. The rail pass will give the flexibility to travel in the countries you have selected for up to 10 days of travel.

Planning your trip

A Eurail Select Pass is the smartest choice for the travellers who want to visit a couple of European countries. You have the possibility to choose the country where you want to begin your trip and you may actually travel back and forth between the countries which you like the most.

And to make things even more interesting, it is possible to personalize your rail pass by choosing the countries you want to see – as long as they share borders with each other. With the Eurail Select Pass you can visit those countries by train or ferry!

Wish to visit Switzerland? Nothing will be more simpler, and why not seize the opportunity to visit the Benelux, Germany or Spain? Having a Eurail Select Pass, you could easily go to these countries and as uncover cities like Brussels, Frankfurt, Madrid, Geneva as well as Dublin?

With the Eurail Select Pass, there are plenty of possibilities to travel on the various national rail network in Europe. Those who like Bulgaria can seize the opportunity to go to Serbia, Montenegro or Hungary.

Those who prefer the Nordic region, can use the Eurail Select Pass which includes Denmark, Norway, Sweden or even Germany.

If you want to enjoy the sunny countries of Europe, use the Eurail Select Pass to visit the south of Europe and countries like Italy, Greece and Albania.

A comprehensive network

Read the conditions of the Eurail Select Pass carefully. You might be surprised to learn that Finland and Ireland as well as Spain and Italy can be in the same pass, even if they do not share borders. You can take a ferry or a boat with the Eurail Select Pass to reach a country directly from another. Of course you can always take the train, but you will have to pay a supplement. You should also know that Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg are considered as a single country as far as the Eurail Pass is concerned. Those three countries are commonly known as the Benelux.

If you want to spend more time in southern Europe, you can take the ferry from Italy to reach Greece. Ferries are operated by companies such as Superfast Ferries, Blue Star Ferris and Minoan Lines which are covered by the Eurail Select Pass.

If you want to travel from Germany to Sweden by train, you will surely travel through Denmark. If your pass is not valid in Denmark, you must buy a ticket to travel in the country. Discounted fares are available for passholders on the Berlin Night Express. You can also have a discount from Finnlines to travel from Travemünde and Malmö, thus avoiding surplus charges linked to travelling in Denmark.

Travellers should know that they are not allowed to travel on board trains in a country where their pass is not valid. Even if you are passing through the country, without any stops. If you are travelling through a country to reach another, make sure to buy a ticket which cover that portion of your journey by train.


Each of these 26 destinations can be the starting point of your journey :

Austria Benelux (Belgium-Netherlands-Luxembourg)* Bulgaria
Czech Republic Denmark France
Finland Germany Greece
Hungary Ireland Italy
Montenegro-Serbia* Norway Portugal
Romania Slovakia Slovenia-Croatia*
Spain Sweden Switzerland