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The famous French TGV – the Train a Grand Vitesse – takes travellers all over France and beyond, to a staggering 1,400 destinations. The broad network of the TGV means passengers can go from one end of the country to the other as well as internationally in great comfort and style.

A broad network

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Paris © Photo UA

The high speed TGV connects over 150 towns and cities within France. The train is famous for its stylish interior and high speed elegance as it shoots up and down the country transporting business people, families and friends.

There are so many different connections planning a trip around France on the TGV is easy.

Start your trip in the City of Love, Paris and once you have filled your boots with museums, art and crepes, jump on to the TGV and let the adventure begin. From Paris the Champagne region is just 45 minutes away and Reims will offer you a base to explore the vineyards and surrounding countryside.

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Marseille © Pierre-Yves Babelon

Or you could head east to Strasbourg and the Alsace region instead. Just a three hour trip from Paris the TGV will take you to the heart of the region with its famous Gothic Cathedral and astronomical clock.

After seeing the north why not head to the southern sun. From Paris you can reach Marseille, Nice and Cannes with the beautiful Mediterranean seaside promenades, shops and restaurants in just a few hours. There’s a special summer service on the TGV to the Papal City of Avignon too where you can enjoy a stroll around the ancient streets within three hours of leaving the capital.

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Nice © Aleksandar Todorovic

For anyone looking to explore further afield the TGV also travels internationally connecting France with Belgium, Switzerland and Germany where you can continue your European tour on other national high speed trains.

From Avignon to Geneva will take just under three hours on the TGV. And for walks in the Black Forest on the lookout for fairytale castles, the TGV Paris Stuttgart train will whisk you to Germany in just 3h 40 minutes. Perhaps you need to get to Brussels for business? The TGV from Paris CDG takes just one hour 14 minutes to reach Belgium’s capital.

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Bordeaux © Freeprod33

Rail passes

You can travel all over France on the TGV but if you are exploring more than a couple of cities or travelling for a longer period of time and want to go internationally too then it is worth getting a rail pass.

There are many different options which offer great discounts and bonuses on some of the cities you will visit.

Popular passes include the France Rail Pass for in depth French experience, but you can mix it up and get a France-Germany Pass, France-Spain Pass, France-Italy Pass and France-Switzerland Pass too or opt for the Eurail Select Pass and Eurail Global pass for the ultimate flexibility and freedom on the rails.

You can find more information and book your pass on this website.