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For anyone visiting France the TGV will soon become part of your incredible journey. The TGV trains take passengers all over the French countryside to 150 towns and cities in comfort, style and at high speed.

A broad network

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Chambord Castle - © S.R.Lee Photo Traveller

The TGV connects 150 amazing towns and cities in France. You can catch the TGV in Paris or Lille and be in the south of France in Marseille, just three hours later.

Or you can climb aboard the TGV in the French capital and be in Bordeaux drinking wine in just over three hours. Lyon, France’s gastronomical heart is only two hours away, and for anyone wanting to head for the French Riviera the TGV brings Nice and Cannes within easy reach.

Other popular destinations for the TGV trains include Dijon, Avignon, Grenoble, Bourg Saint-Maurice and Figueres, the birthplace of artist Salvador Dali.

Travelling on the TGV is simple. There are no airport queues, security lines and delays, passengers can just hop on a train and enjoy the beauty of these lovely French and Spanish towns.

A great experience

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TGV interior - © Patrick Curtet - SNCF mediatheque

To book a seat on the TGV you must do so in advance and reservations can be made on the Rail Europe website up to three months ahead of your departure date.

When you get to the station with you ticket just validate it at the machine on the platform and keep your ticket to show the ticket collector.

Once onboard the TGV trains have a relaxing quiet ambience. Some of the carriages have been designed by French fashion king Christian Lacroix and the seats offer spacious stylish comfort as well as ample legroom. Passengers in all classes can relax and enjoy some refreshments or read the paper as the countryside passes by.

Fares and passes

The TGV trains have several different fare options.

For example, you could get the TGV Prems fare which offers you 60 per cent off the standard ticket fare. Look out for the TGV Prems as they are not available on all TGV train services and availability is limited. Keep checking our special offers page to make sure you don’t miss out!

Rail Europe can also help you make the most of your journey in France with the France Rail Pass. The rail pass means you can hop on and off the national network, including the TGV, exploring France in greater detail.

Travellers using the France Rail Pass can enjoy unlimited travel on the French network from 3 to 9 days within a month, so you can take your time and spend a couple of days in each place – maybe you want to explore the Loire Valley before heading to the Dordogne or go surfing in Biarritz before sailing in Cannes.