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If you are looking to visit northern Europe then take the high speed Thalys trains to Brussels, Amsterdam, Cologne and even Dusseldorf.

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An extended network


The high speed red Thalys trains can transport train travellers to several of Europe’s most interesting cities. Board the train in Paris and a few hours later you could be walking the canals of Amsterdam enjoying the liberal city and its famous museums and night life.

Make sure you visit Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, and the Anne Frank House and take some time to have a coffee and some cake in the sunshine as the world cycles by. For a different view of Amsterdam, head to Amsterdam Nord on one of the free ferries behind the main train station. Here you will find the new film museum and arty cafes as well as great views of the city from the water.


Just one hour from Paris is Brussels home to the European Commission but also the famous and delightful Tintin! Head to the Tintin shop for some souvenirs, or enjoy some strong Belgian beer and a bowl of mussels. Make sure you visit the Grand Place – arguably the most beautiful square in Europe.

The architecture and ambience is astounding. Look out for the famous Manneken Pis too…

Cologne and Dusseldorf

The Thalys trains can also take you to Germany and the cities of Cologne and Dusseldorf are great for exploring and getting to know a different part of Germany. Cologne has many museums and a rich cultural calendar, whereas Dusseldorf is well known for its academy of fine arts. Both are great destinations for a trip on the Thalys.

Rail Passes]

To make the most of your visit to Europe on the Thalys why not get a rail pass? The Benelux Rail Pass includes Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands so you can ride all over the place on the Thalys trains and swap to each country’s rail network too.

If you get the German Rail Pass, for example, you can get unlimited travel on domestic trains and discounts on international trains in those countries making the whole train travel experience even better.

For those who want to explore more there is the Eurail Select Pass so you can travel to up to five bordering countries in Europe, visiting for example, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy.

For the ultimate rail pass and for flexibility and freedom there is the Eurail Global Pass which allows travellers to visit 24 countries across Europe, in any order as many times as they like! Let the adventure begin.