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The high speed Thalys trains take passengers to a vast array of European cities in no time at all.

Popular destinations

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Paris - © Beboy

For train travel in Europe to Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Germany Thalys offers direct and high-speed services between Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam and Cologne.

The high speed red trains connect Paris and Brussels in just 1h 22 and there are up to 24 daily returns between the two cities. For anyone looking for speed and convenience the Thalys is here.

The great and diverse city of Amsterdam is less than two hours from Brussels and the Thalys will deliver you to the very heart of this fascinating city. Before long you will be walking the canals, viewing the paintings of Van Gogh and enjoying the busy bustling main square.

With the Thalys network Amsterdam is just three hours 18 minutes from Paris and with 11 trains a day you can easily explore both cities in a couple of days.
If you decide to begin your Thalys journey in Brussels, a good option is to head to Germany – you could be in Cologne in less than two hours and there are five trains a day between the two cities.

There are plenty of options for a diverse and exciting European adventure when you are travelling with Thalys.

A wider network of destinations

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Brussels - © Matej Kastelic

So far we’ve given you the short journeys on the Thalys but there are options to take longer train rides too. The Thalys trains will take you from Paris Gare du Nord to Cologne in less than four hours, or from Brussels to Dusseldorf in two hours and 20 minutes.

The choice is yours. Why not jump onboard and explore the German city of Duisberg or Essen. Take a look at the Thalys schedules and popular routes on the website to give you ideas about where to go.

There are also seasonal destinations offered on the Thalys trains. From the end of December until mid-April train travellers can take the Thalys direct from Brussels Midi or Antwerp Central to the ski resorts in Chambéry, Albertville, Moutiers, Aime-la-Plagne, and Bourg-St-Maurice.

Trains run every Saturday and the journey time to get to Bourg Saint-Maurice from Brussels is 6h 35 minutes. It may sound like a long train ride but the journey will pass by very quickly as you read about your destination, enjoy some food and watch as the cities turn into snow-capped mountains leaving all your work worries and troubles behind.