Due to the current global pandemic, Rail Europe is taking all precautionary measures to keep our employees and communities safe. Electronic passes (Swiss Travel Pass, Britrail England and Renfe) are still available for purchase. We have temporarily suspended the sale, printing and shipping of all paper travel documents (including EURAIL).


Britrail England Pass

Explore England by train with the flexibility of this great rail pass

  • Travel on the national rail network of England
  • Explore more, take multiple train journeys per travel day
  • Issued as a paper or electronic pass based on type of pass selected
  • 1 child (ages 5-15) travels free with full priced Adult pass
  • Discounted Youth (under 26), Senior (60+) passes
  • Multi-person Saver discount for 3-9 passengers
  • Flexible: choose where you want to go, and when
  • Electronic Mpass issued for consecutive use passes. Saver discount no valid for Mpass

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The BritRail England Pass is the ideal rail pass to visit England. Discover the most popular cities of Enlgand, starting with London, its trendy capital. Reach other iconic cities like Liverpool, Manchester, Bath, Cambridge and more. Take the train to discover the peaceful English countryside and typical seaside towns.

With the BritRail England Pass, you can travel where you please, whenever you want! Take as many trains as you like, there is no limit on the distance you can travel in a day. The Britrail England Pass, to put it simply, offers unlimited travel at a fixed price!

Hop on hop off trains to visit any place you want. The BritRail England Pass gives you access to all trains, but remember that premium trains require a seat reservation. The Things to know section explains everything you need to know about seat reservations.

The BritRail England Pass is the key to have a hassle-free trip throughout England.

UK trains - Cross Country Railways
Customer feedback Perfect for flexibilty
« Used the Britrail England Pass - easy to validate at St Pancras Station and then I used it to visit London,Dover, Salisbury (Stonehenge) and up to the Lake District. Could hop on any train without reservations at any time. For flexible times and used properly, a pass is a must and good value. »

Deirdre C

How does it work?

Rail Passes in 3 steps

1. Pick the right rail pass

Pick the right rail pass

Rail passes can be booked for travel in one specific country or you can choose one of a few pre-selected country/region combinations. Extensive travel plans? Try the Eurail Global Pass offering train travel in 33 different countries - including Great Britain.
Once you've selected your pass, its price will depend on the class of service selected, passenger type, and the number of rail travel days.

Use our Pass Finder

2. Reserve your seats

Reserve your seats

Taking local and regional trains allows you to explore at will. Simply board with your rail pass and choose any open seat. Reservations are required on most high speed, overnight, scenic, and international trains. We recommend always checking your desired journey for any specific seat reservation requirements.

Book Seat Reservations

3. Activate and travel

Activate and travel

Your rail pass requires that you activate it by getting it stamped at the ticket window at the departure station on the day of your first train journey. Once activated, you are all set and ready to explore.

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More than just trains

  •  Main discounts and bonuses in Britrail England Pass

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From our travel community

Rail pass for london, brussels, amsterdam and frankfurt Hi, we're planning to stay in London 5 nights, Brussels 5 nights, Amsterdam 4 and Frankfurt 4, will visit around these cities, please advise which rail pass is suitable, thanks

Luong N. | 2015/01/31 answered | 2 Comments
I am trying to plan a family trip berlin to london return, december january My husband is working in Berlin and we wish to travel to England for two weeks with our 17 year old daughter. We wish to know the price and best trains to take. We would like to arrive in London 27 December and return to Berlin 9 January I (...)

Catherine S. | 2014/09/28 answered | 0 Comments

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Reviews & ratings

Overall rating (8)
  • Value for money
    Revisiting | Annette h. | 2017/01/16
    "I used my ticket visit to visit York, A place I loved to go to when I lived in England "

  • Value for money
    Perfect for flexibilty | Deirdre c. | 2016/10/18
    "Used the Britrail England Pass - easy to validate at St Pancras Station and then I used it to visit London,Dover, Salisbury (Stonehenge) and up to the Lake District. Could hop on any train without reservations at any time. For flexible times and used properly, a pass is a must and good value. "

  • Value for money
    Britrail Pass | Michael j. | 2014/08/23
    "A very economical way of using the English railway network and very convenient being able to board any train during the allocated day without having to buy a ticket in advance. Instructions regarding border crossing into Scotland were slightly confusing but buying a ticket Edinburgh to Carlisle for the Edinburgh to Manchester day trip was only a slight inconvenience. O verall a great system which I will use on my next UK visit. "

  • Value for money
    UK Rail Trips 8 day consc pass | Robert m. | 2013/12/15
    "Great pass for UK rail travel. Much more flexible for daily travel unlike point to point fares which in the UK are often punishing cost-wise unless you book well (very well) in advance or travel off-peak and loose virtually half the day waiting for the cheaper fare to surface for the outward trip. As a tourist your destinations can vary on a day or even an hourly basis and the ability to hop on and off without being stuck in a queue or wasting time at stations calculating how much this leg or that leg might cost is a real advantage of this pass. You need to spend your precious time working out the timetables and the platform arrangements. Trying to calculate UK rail fares is always a challenge - given the pea and thimble approach underlying the pricing ! Transport economists are much like children - they should be seen but not so often heard, especially by rail fare policymakers ! Only downside with this type of Pass is when you strike a ticket barrier that is not staffed (or infrequently staffed eg Haywards Heath) - can be a bit tricky extricating oneself to/from the paid area - which is not found on European stations as they have not adopted the (rather strange) UK philosophy of 'paid and unpaid' station areas. Problems aside the Pass is good value if you need to travel often during the period of validity. One final comment on booked seats - the Virgin trains are rather poor at showing which seats are booked and which are not - its hard to tell . Cheers "

  • Value for money
    Tony  | Anthony w. | 2013/10/16
    "Trains where great but due ti station renovations at Nottingham there was no lift on platform 7 and we had to lug our heavy bags up 2 flights of stairs. "

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