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Planning to travel extensively by train in more than one European country? The Eurail Regional Pass (Eurorail) is the best solution to explore neighbouring countries in Europe. These passes are specially made for residents of non-European countries offering you the possibility to travel more at a very competitive price.

Planning you trip

With the Eurail Regional Passes, you can visit two bordering countries in Europe for a memorable travel experience. Of course, you will have the possibility to travel a Eurail Regional Pass according to the number of days that you want to travel during a two-month period.

If you are looking to visit two of the most popular destinations in mainland Europe, then choose the France-Italy Pass and get set to visit charming and iconic cities such as Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Nice, Cannes, Rome, Milan, Venice and Florence. With museums, good food, wine and beautiful landscapes aplenty, you won’t be deceived.

If you are looking for a deal, then the Benelux-Germany Pass will offer you the possibility to visit more than 2 countries by train. Indeed Benelux is the regrouping of the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, and the three countries count as one. You can also visit the Benelux and France with the Eurail Benelux-France Pass. You won’t have any shortage of ideas if you choose to travel by train to discover the landmarks of the most popular countries in Europe.

Don’t forget, then if you are going to travel on board the TGV or international trains such as Thalys, you will need a seat reservation. Make sure to reserve your seat in advance before boarding the train.
If the north of Europe is more appealing to you, take the Eurail Denmark-Sweden Pass, which will allow you to have unlimited travel on board trains between the two Nordic countries. Discover cities such as Stockholm, Goteborg and Copenhagen and plunge in the local culture. You can use the Eurail Denmark-Sweden Pass to travel from 4 to 10 days within a two-month period.

The Nordic region of Europe has also other beautiful countries. You can use a Finland-Sweden Pass or a Norway-Sweden Pass to visit cities such as Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki.

For those who are more interested in central Europe, the Eurail Austria-Croatia Pass or the Eurail Austria-Slovenia Pass will suit you. Take the train and discover the beautiful facets of Austria, Croatia and Slovenia in 4 days or up to 10 days depending the type of Rail Pass that you have chosen. And why not take the Eurail Austria-Czech Republic Pass to visit cities such as Prague and Vienna. When in Czech Republic, don’t forget to relax by sipping a Pilsner beer. Eurail also offers other country combinations for its rail pass: Austria-Germany, Austria-Hungary and Austria-Switzerland pass. Taking the train is very practical in Europe.

A comprehensive network

There are over 20 Eurail Regional Passes from which you can choose from. Pick the countries that you want to visit in Europe and hop on the train to begin your discovery. The Eurail Passes are valid in domestic, high speed and international train. You can travel as many times as you want in the country which are covered by the Rail Pass. To book a seat reservation for a high speed or international train, use our booking form.


This is the complete list of countries covered by the Eurail Regional Pass.

Austria-Croatia/Slovenia Denmark-Germany Germany-Poland
Austria-Germany Denmark-Sweden Germany-Switzerland
Austria-Hungary Finland-Sweden Greece-Italy
Austria-Switzerland France-Germany Hungary-Romania
Benelux*-Germany France-Italy Italy-Spain
Benelux*-France France-Spain Norway-Sweden
Czech Republic-Germany France-Switzerland Portugal-Spain