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Sometimes we all need a weekend away and a change of scenery to help us feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Eurostar has some great city breaks which are the perfect distance for a weekend away - far enough to get some perspective and close enough to make full use of your time.

Whether you choose London, Lille, Paris, Disneyland® Resort or even Brussels all you need is an overnight bag and Eurostar will take you right there.

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A broad network

Eurostar trains offer both leisure and business travellers the opportunity to reach key European cities in a fast and comfortable environment.

Travelling from Paris to London takes just over two hours so the two cities can easily be reached in a day trip or for weekend stays, and the list of things to do is endless.

London will take weeks to explore but it’s easy to take in the main sights from Buckingham Palace to Regents Park, Oxford Street with the high street brands, Bond Street with designer shops, the Natural History Museum, the V&A, an evening at the theatre and a meal in Covent Garden. For anyone travelling to Paris, the city is full to the brim with culture and adventure from a boat ride on the Seine to a walk along the Champs-Elysees, shopping in Galleries Lafayette or eating crepes next to the Sacre Coeur.

From London anyone with kids will be thrilled to know that the Eurostar can reach the fun-filled Disneyland Paris in just 2h35.

Another trip to consider is the Eurostar Brussels trip. The capital of Belgium is often overlooked as a business destination and although it is the centre of the European Commission, the city has many attractions for tourists too from the Royal Museums to the Grand Place with the intricate architecture and tiny bars serving strong Belgium beer. Kids and adults alike will flock to the Tintin shop located near the square.

For those who want a Flemish experience, the Eurostar also stops at Lille, the capital of northern France. Lille is an understated city offering a striking Hotel de Ville with the tallest belfry in Europe and also the largest book shop in Europe with over 7,000sqm stacked with books.

Lille is full of surprises and just wandering around this cultural city will be a refreshing change from the usual tourist sights.

Fares and Passes

Eurostar trains have three different types of tickets for you to choose from.

Fully flexible ticket: Exchangeable and refundable before and after departure.
Semi-flexible ticket: Exchangeable by paying the difference in price with the next available fare in the same or higher class of service. You’ll also pay a fixed fee.
Value ticket: The best option if you are certain about your dates as this will be non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

Anyone travelling with a rail pass will also benefit from the pass holder fares which are valid for those travelling in Eurostar’s Standard Premier Class and Standard class.

So if you have one of those passes, then you can benefit from these fares: Eurail Global Pass; Eurail Select pass including Benelux; Eurail France-Italy Pass; Eurail France-Spain Pass; Eurail France-Germany; [Eurail Benelux-Germany>pass7320]; Eurail France-Switzerland Pass; Eurail France-Benelux; Eurail Benelux Pass; France Rail Pass; BritRail Pass; BritRail Pass + Ireland OR BritRail England Pass; BritRail London Plus Pass.

You can buy your passes and book your tickets online here.