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The best way to travel between Paris and London

Travellers have surely asked themselves this question at least once before travelling between France and England. Do I take the train or do I take a plane to reach London or Paris?

Here are some facts which can be easily verified and which we have compiled for you. Take a close look and you’ll find that the best way to travel between London and Paris is by the Eurostar.

While long distance trips are obviously faster by airplanes, trains are the best choice for medium and short distance trips. Travelling between London and Paris is considered as a short trip, distance-wise.


Indeed, the Eurostar, a high speed train operating at up to 300 km/h can link London and Paris, city centre to city centre in a mere 2 hour and 15 minutes!

Your flight from London to Paris will take 1 hour, but the time spent to reach the airport, the check-in time, the customs, luggage claims and the time to reach the city centre, are considerable additions to the overall travel duration between London and Paris.

Service and comfort

Tired of not being able to stretch your legs during a flight? Well there is a simple alternative. Take the Eurostar high speed train between London and Paris, and enjoy a comfortable ride tucked in your spacious seat. The seats in Standard class on board the Eurostar are the equivalent of Business class seats in airplanes. Imagine the comfort of your seat in Business Premier or Standard Premier on board a Eurostar. Pure bliss! The food on board the Eurostar is excellent. When travelling in first class (Standard Premier or Business Premier), you will be offered a breakfast, lunch or dinner depending on the time of your journey. In Business Premier, you will be served a delicious three course meal, designed with Eurostar’s Culinary Director, the Michelin-starred chef Raymond Blanc OBE. Get off at the London St Pancras International train station and discover the world’s longest champagne bar.


The check-in time is much shorter as compared to flying. No need to reach the train station 3 hours ahead. If you are not familiar with the train station, it is best to arrive a couple of minutes earlier.


Holders of an adult ticket can take up to 2 bags and 1 hand luggage to travel on board the Eurostar. Each bag should not exceed 85 cm. Unlike airlines, weight restrictions do not apply when travelling with Eurostar. However make sure you can carry your own luggage as heavy luggage will be difficult to place in the luggage racks.

If you are bringing more that your luggage allowance, you have to register the surplus. You can be charged an excess luggage fee.


Your Eurostar ticket between London and Paris includes your seat reservation. There are no other taxes or hidden fees. Save money by booking your train ticket in advance. Save more money by avoiding taxi fees, bus tickets or suburban trains to reach the airport.