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Italo high speed trains are synonymous of modernity, comfort and safety. Italo trains serve most major cities in Italy, allowing travellers to discover the best sights of Italy.

Italo high speed trains are operated by NTV, a group renowned for their high level of experience and professionalism. The bright red Italo trains are easily recognisable thanks to their modern allure.

All major cities of Italy

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Florence - © Damn12

NTV also known as the Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori, is the first private train operator in Italy. NTV started its operations in 2012. During its first year service, more than 2 million passengers have chosen to travel on board the trains operated by NTV.

The trains operated by NTV are known as Italo trains, which are high speed trains. Italo trains are appreciated for their comfort, safety and value for money. The high speed trains have a distinctive look, bright red, futuristic design and refined interior décor.

Italo trains operate mainly on the North-South route in Italy. To date the lines on which Italo trains operate are: Turin <> Salerno, Turin <> Ancona and Venice <> Naples.

On the Turin <> Salerno, the stops for Italo trains are Milan, Reggio Emilia (Mediopadana), Bologna, Florence, Rome and Naples.

On the Turin <> Ancona, the stops for Italo trains are Milan, Reggio Emilia (Mediopadana), Bologna, Rimini and Pesaro.

On the Venice <> Naples, the stops for Italo trains are Padova, Bologna, Florence and Rome.

The experience

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© Eugenio Marongiu

Concerning the safety, Italo trains are designed to offer the highest level of safety. The coaches of the Italo trains are linked with a bogie, meaning that the trains are more resistant to winds while travelling at high speed.

Travellers choosing to travel on board Italo high speed trains will be offered the best services and comfort. Travellers can choose between First class and Second class.

Before, during or even after your trip, the friendly Italo staff are at hand to assist you. You can ask any question during your trip to the on board stewards. The Italo staff will find the right answers to all your questions.

Make the most of your journey on board an Italo train. At any time you can access the internet, just like at home, or watch a film. Italo trains are equipped with the latest technology!

Safety is a prime factor on board Italo trains. The staff are always there in case of emergency and to help you out if you are having the slightest trouble. Furthermore the luggage rack at the access point are covered by CCTV. This means you can travel stress-free without the need to worry about your luggage.

The Italo trains are equipped with luggage rack. You can place your luggage under your seats, the luggage rack above your head or in the luggage rack located in the access point.

Fares and passes

You can book your point to point ticket for Italo trains in advance to get the best prices. Tickets for Italo trains are delivered as Print @ home tickets directly in your inbox. No need to worry about losing your train ticket.
A point to point ticket is best if you are travelling on board Italo high speed trains a couple of journeys to visit main cities in Italy.