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It’s incredible how close you are to some amazing destinations when you travel with the TGV trains. Europe suddenly opens up before you and you can add some incredible cities to your train itinerary.

Popular destinations

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Bordeaux - © Alexander Demyanenko

Today we take for granted the stylish high speed Train à Grande Vitesse (TGV) trains which belt up and down France and further afield. Imagine what train travel was like before they came on the scene in 1981? Every year the TGV trains transport 130 million passengers to more than 1,400 destinations.

The TGV trains connect 150 towns and cities in France so that train travellers can easily travel from Paris to Bordeaux or Marseille in around three hours, or all the way to the south west and Toulouse in five hours 13 minutes. For those looking for both culture and sunshine the Papal city of Avignon is just two hours 40 minutes from the capital on the TGV train.

The TGV Est takes passengers east from Paris so you can enjoy Strasbourg and the famous Christmas market in the winter with a travel time of just three hours. For shorter journeys from Paris the high speed TGV trains will whisk passengers to Lille in just over an hour or to Brittany and Nantes in just over two hours.

There are so many options to choose from and whether you want a day trip, a business trip, a weekend away, the TGV network gives you a great choice.

The TGV network

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Although many people spend time exploring France in depth on the TGV trains there is also the exciting possibility to travel internationally to Belgium, Switzerland, and Germany. The TGV trains will take you to another culture and country in just hours, and from there you can link up with the other high speed train networks and continue your adventure around Europe.

The TGV seems to bring different countries closer together. For example you can leave Paris CDG and be in the capital of Belgium one hour later. Or you could leave the sun of Avignon and be in the Swiss Alps and Geneva in less than three hours. For those who want to explore Germany and its amazing past, Stuttgart is only three hours 40 minutes from Paris on the TGV.

The whole experience of travelling on these high speed trains is an adventure. The romance of train travel continues when you are travelling on the TGV. Apart from seeing the beautiful countryside as you relax in your seat travellers should take time to note the stunning architecture some of the stations have to offer.

Stand out stations include the Gare du Nord, and Milano Centrale. Instead of rushing to board your TGV train, why not arrive a little earlier, relax, take your time, and have a coffee in the grand surroundings of these stations before embarking on your exciting European journey.