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Travelling all over Italy and discovering the country’s most beautiful landmarks is easy on the Trenitalia network. The national network is served by the Arrow trains, the Frecce, which offer high speed connections across Italy’s towns and cities.

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Milan - © Boris Stroujko

Where to go

The Trenitalia Frecciarossa has multiple connections across the country. The high speed service has recently been refurbished so the carriages are modern, spacious and comfortable.

Suddenly Italy and all its riches are at your feet. If you want to go north and visit Turin from Milan, you can – in less than one hour on the Frecce trains. Or if you want to go more central to Bologna, then you can reach the city centre from Milan in just over one hour.

One of the most popular destinations in Italy on Trenitalia’s network is of course Rome. Home to famous landmarks like the Trevi Fountain and the Sistine Chapel, this is one city you cannot miss. Luckily there are many connections to the capital and you can travel on the Trenitalia Frecciarossa from Milan to Rome in less than three hours.

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Venice - © Sonsam

Travelling onboard the trains is a great experience and you can easily pass the time reading, enjoying a meal or using the onboard wifi to look at sights to see at your destination.

From Rome to Venice there are also 26 trains a day and the journey only takes three hours 30 minutes. Venice is famous for its wonderful network of canals but visitors can also enjoy the colourful Venice Carnival, soak up the Venice Film Festival and find tiny Italian restaurants down the beautiful cobbled streets.

Another popular destination from Rome is Verona. Think of Romeo and Juliet, and the famous Coliseum. Board one of the six Trenitalia Frecciargento trains a day and you can be there in no time at all.

For a more leisurely journey around Italy, the best option is on the Trenitalia Frecciabianca trains. Take a relaxed tour of Milan, Venice, Udine and Trieste.

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Naples - © Francesco R. Iacomino

A broad network

The high speed Trenitalia Frecciarossa services run up and down the country in less than five hours.

So you can travel from Northern to Southern Italy in half a day. Enjoy a pizza and visit Leonardo da Vinci and Botticelli’s paintings at the Uffizi Gallery in Naples, or head to Florence and its beautiful architecture or Milan for its fashion and shopping.

Bari on the coast is also a popular destination for Trenitalia Frecciargento with eight daily trains from the capital, Rome.