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Looking for a weekend on the Amalfi coast or shopping in Milan? Italy’s national rail network, Trenitalia offers train travellers the best way to get around the beautiful and diverse country.

As well as the mainland trains Trenitalia also operated the railways on the isles of Sicily and Sardinia and internationally it connects to Austria, France, Germany, Hungary and Switzerland.

All over Italy

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Rome - © Bucchi Francesco

Trenitalia offers three different sorts of high speed trains. There are the high speed Frecciarossa trains, which are also known as the Red Arrows are the fastest way to see Italy, carrying one million travellers a month up and down the country between the main cities and towns, speeding through the stunning Italian countryside. The high speed trains connect Turin to Salerno, northern to Southern Italy and Milan, Florence, Rome and Naples.

And the connections are incredible helping travellers be as flexible as they like with 68 daily connections between Milan and Rome and 37 daily connections between Milan and Naples.

Then there are the Silver Arrows, the Frecciargento trains which Trenitalia operates for passengers wising to travel between Rome and Venice, Verona/Bolzano, Bari/Lecce, Lamezia Terme/ReggioCalabria. Trains are fast, comfortable and frequent. For example, there are 26 trains a day between Venice and Rome or six trains a day between the Eternal City and Verona where Romeo and Juliet fell in love.

The third offering from Trenitalia is the White Arrow, the Frecciabianca. These trains connect Milan to Venice, Udine and Trieste, Genova and Rome, Bari and Lecce. This is Trenitalia’s most traditional offering, and travellers appreciate the slower pace, taking in the beautiful surroundings of the Italian countryside.

For those looking to travel internationally, Trenitalia can whisk passengers to France with France/Italy TGV (with SNCF French Railways).

The experience

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All of the services with Trenitalia Frecce trains are comfortable, air conditioned and have four different levels of service to choose from Executive, Business, Premium and Standard, depending on what your needs are.

Remember you must reserve a seat and Trenitalia bookings can be made up to 60 days before you depart.

Fares and passes

For many travellers who are just visiting a couple of cities such as Rome to Venice or Milan to Turin, a point to point ticket will be fine but if you really want to get to know Italy, the best thing to do is get a Eurail Italy Pass.

This means you can get on most of Italy’s national trains and visit wherever you like all over the country. And remember you can use the pass in Sicily and Sardinia too.

The idea of the Eurail Italy pass is that it gives travellers flexibility and freedom to explore Italy. You can choose unlimited travel from 3 to 10 days within 2 months and there are different passes for adults, children, and youth travellers.

You could go from historic Rome to mountainous Geneva, or Shopping in Milan. And anyone who chooses a pass will get lots of other benefits and discounts too on their destinations.

You can buy the pass, and check out your best itinerary right here on this website.