Train Travel Book

We believe that unique travel experiences must be about simplicity.

That is why we offer you a tailored-made travel book after your booking.

Find out how to use your rail pass or point to point ticket and even how to make a refund request. Get the adress of your train station and use the detailed train station plan to find your way easily. Browse the guide to see to what bonuses and discounts you are entitled to.

In the Train Travel Book you will find complete information on your booking.

When you purchase a rail pass, the following information will be included:

  • Name of selected rail pass
  • How to activate your rail pass
  • An example of your rail pass
  • The bonuses included in rail pass
  • Information on the Rail Protection Plan

When you book a train ticket, the following information will be included:

  • Name of travellers
  • Seating information
  • Fare details
  • Suggestion of trains to and around your destination
  • Service on board your train
  • Train station address
  • Train station plan

We recommend that you print this guide or save it on your mobile device.

Download PDF