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About this journey The average travel time between Lisbon and San Sebastian is 13h26 minutes. The quickest route is 13h26 minutes. The first train leaving Lisbon is at 21:27, the last at . There is an average of 1 trains a day between Lisbon and San Sebastian, leaving approximately every -2J 13h minutes.
  • Arrival station : San sebastian (Paseo de Francia, 13 20012 San Sebastian)

Lisboa, the capital of Portugal

Lisboa also known as Lisbon is the capital and most important city of Portugal. The city is located on the banks of the Tagus River on the western coast of Portugal which faces the Atlantic Ocean. Once a rich spice and jewellery trade centre at the beginning of the Portuguese Age of Discoveries, the city is nowadays a major tourism, financial and international trade hub. The prevailing mild weather, top quality hotels, the variety of sightseeing tours, the historical and monumental highlights, all contribute in making Lisboa an ideal city-break holiday. Known as the white city, thanks to its unique light and kind climate, Lisboa is ideal for marvelous walks all over the city. The city has a beauty that extends beyond its famed monuments that can be experienced in the streets and embraced by all the senses. With over 2 million inhabitants and one of the largest seaports in Europe, Lisboa has all the natural resources and the adequate facilities for staging either a leisure journey or incentive events all year round. Standing as the gateway to discover Portugal by train, Lisboa is 2h30 away from Porto located in the north or 3h from Faro in the south. The perfect starting point to discover the Iberic peninsula, travellers can take the comfortable Lusitania overnight train from Lisboa Estação Oriente (Lisbon Orient Station) to reach Madrid a 9h trip. Learn more about Lisbon

San Sebastian, a basque city that deserves the visit The jewel in the Basque crown, San Sebastian sits regally on a crescent bay, surrounded by rolling hills. Gourmands flock to Spain’s culinary capital to sample its inventive tapas, fresh seafood and Michelin-starred meals, while fashionable visitors stroll along San Sebastian’s chi-chi beach promenade. Learn more about San Sebastian


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  Departure Arrival Durations Change(s) MO TU WE TH FR SA SU
N°: 00310
21:27 10:53 13:26 Direct 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
  Departure Arrival Durations Change(s) MO TU WE TH FR SA SU
N°: 00313
19:10 07:20 12:10 Direct 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

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  • Value for money
    San Sebastian to Lisbon | Johannes m. | 2019/04/02
    "Access to the stations were absolutely convenient. It was really easy to travel with rather bulky luggage. Traveling overnight also made more time available for us to tour the regions visited. We also saved on hotel costs by sleeping on the Train Hotel. "

  • New train traveller | . | 2019/04/02
    "As an Aussie, train travel is not ordinarily the first choice at home. It was good value and very efficient. The only negative is that the platform from where the train was leaving changed without any real notification. For foreign travellers this is risky as we nearly missed the train. "

  • Value for money
    Much better than I expected!! | Kathryn w. | 2019/04/02
    "We were unsure about doing the sleeper train however to fly was going to be so expensive. It was less than half the price to get first class sleeper cabin and I cod not recommend it more. The bunk beds were the most comfortable on our entire trip. It fun and cosy. We read reviews that the food was bad so we ate dinner before boarding and took snacks on. Overall it was a really great experience. Had I known it was so good we might have done it more during our trip. It saves money on flights and a nights accommodation and you don't waste valuable days traveling. It's perfect! "

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