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You can find train tickets known as point to point tickets on our website. You have an extensive choice of train tickets to travel by train all over Europe. From one city centre to another city centre, take your ticket and travel on board comfortable (...)

We suggest that if you are only going to travel a couple of times from one place to another in Europe, then a point to point ticket will be the most adapted solution. Choose the city that you want to visit in Europe, and buy a train ticket to reach your destination – in the city centre.

We are always striving to offer you the best service and products. That is why we can easily assist you in select the most appropriate ticket. Look at the price of the ticket, the time of departure and the arrival time and if it matches your criteria, you can buy it from our website.

Examples below can help you understand how easy it is to buy a train ticket:


Take a point to point ticket and travel from London to Paris or London to Brussels/Lille on board the high speed Eurostar.

TGV Lyria

Take a point to point ticket and travel from Paris to Geneva/Lausanne/Zurich on board the high speed TGV Lyria. Visit some of the most beautiful cities of Europe.


You can also buy a train ticket, hop on the high speed Thalys train and reach Cologne or Amsterdam from Paris. A couple of hours away from Paris, you’ll have your perfect getaway.


For a complete visit of France, nothing is better than the TGV. The high speed French train is very affordable, modern, and it goes everywhere. Take your ticket and starting your own tour de France.

Italian trains

To visit Italy, the Frecciarossa trains operated by [Trenitalia>4283] will offer the best and fastest way to do the following routes Florence-Rome and Milan-Venice. on your way, enjoy the magnificent sceneries.

Point to point tickets are certainly the best solution to go from city centre to city centre by trains in Europe. You can of course take a point to point ticket to travel from one city to another but also from one country to another. International trains such as Thalys will take you from Paris to Cologne. National trains like ICE will take you from Berlin to Madrid and AVE trains operated by Renfe will take you from Madrid to Barcelona or Seville and Valencia.

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